Handpicked Vehicles

Thorough inspection and visual image proof of condition prior to purchase followed by compliance against a 30 point checklist.

100% Accident Free

Provision of the condition report of the select vehicle and bearing all risk and cost involved in the transportation of the vehicle.

100% Accident Free

Strict protocols regarding mileage on all vehicles; and selection of vehicles with the least mileage and in best condition. All suppliers are encouraged to do the same.

Authenticate Export Certificates & Auction Sheets

Genuine certifications on all vehicles that can be tracked back to origin of issue via authentic reference numbers.

We Guarantee

We thank you for selecting a vehicle from us, as a responsible organization, we wish to warrant the engine and transmission system of your vehicle for a period of One year or 1,00,000 km subject to the following terms and conditions.

Clause A: Vehicles under one years of age after first registration date. This warranty is only to cover the major technical defects of the engine and transmission system of your vehicle.

This warranty will not cover the following items in the engine and transmission.

Engine – oil seals, gaskets, injector nozzles, parts of rubber and plastics, filters, lubricants, antifreeze fluid and other oil materials.

Transmission – all rubber and plastics parts, lubricants and other oil materials.

You are given 3 labor free services, and it is compulsory to get these from our authorized service center. The regular after sales care for your vehicle, from our service center will help you to enjoy the uninterrupted warranty coverage.

The warranty mileage will be based on the odometer reading. If the odometer is damaged or broken remaining warranty will be calculated according to time (200 km per day).

Damage caused by traffic accidents, insufficient or improper maintenance, misuse, use of the vehicle under unusual conditions such as in motor races or rallies, and modification to the vehicle is not covered under this warranty. Any electrical or electronic parts and failures are not covered under this warranty. Damage caused by external influences such as chemical pollution, acid rain, sand, salt, stones, road hazards, Floods, fire or disasters whether due to human fault, negligence or act of god, are not covered under this warranty. In the event the ownership changers from the first owner during the warranty period it is necessary to inform us immediately, to enjoy the remaining warranty period by the new owner. The warranty period is 12 (Twelve) months or 100,000 Km (Hundred Thousand) whichever comes first.

Clause B: Vehicles under two years of age after first registration date. Vehicles under two years after registration date will undergo for spare parts discount warranty.



100% tried and tested, safety certified vehicles. We do not import any accident-damaged/ salvaged vehicles.


We don't suggest any R grade (repaired) vehicles to our customer’s personal imports.

Professional Competence

Well-trained, cordial staff ready to assist anytime.


Superior customer service and exceptional after sales care.